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The Luhačovice Spa, the fourth largest and one of the most beautiful spas in the Czech Republic, is located in the middle of the green sea of the White Carpathians in the Nature Conservation Area. Sixteen unique curative springs with a high content of minerals rise in the territory of the Luhačovice spa resort. Thanks to its mineral water, Luhačovice has one of the forefront positions among European spas. It was Dušan Jurkovič, a Slovak designer, that introduced his original architecture and gave an inimitable and unique character to Luhačovice. This uniqueness is acknowledged by the fact that the Czech Republic has filed a motion to put Luhačovice on the list of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The Nature Conservation Area of the White Carpathians, endowed with fresh air and favourable weather conditions, offers long warm summers and invokes a pleasant atmosphere of an endless holiday. And so, the Luhačovice spa resort invites all who want to keep their health, recharge their batteries, slow down the pace of everyday life, or simply enjoy an active or family holiday.

Lázeňský léčebný dům Praha

Leoše Janáčka 379, Luhačovice, 76326, Czech Republic
Czech Spa Hotel Lázeňský léčebný dům Praha in Luhačovice a large wellness area with a sauna, More info
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