Lázně Vráž

Lázně Vráž

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The Vráž Spa is situated 10 km away from the old royal town of Písek in the nice surroundings of a woody landscape in the valley of the Otava River. A chateau built in 1875 in the Neo-Gothic style by the Czech Lobkowicz family of nobles is used for the spa’s purposes. The Lobkowicz family used the building as a summer residence up until 1926. The chateau and the medical and accommodation facilities built additionally are surrounded with green vegetation dominated by an English-style park and a forest, which is appreciated by spa guests for quiet, peace, and plenty of privacy. The spa complex consists of three buildings connected by a heated corridor to form a unified complex. The patients’ activities – accommodation, catering and treatment – are easily accessible, as they are provided under the roof of the joined complex. The chateau and the English-style park constitute the Czech cultural heritage, helping to maintain the original landscape’s character and prevent it from being spoilt by insensitive human activities connected with the development of the region.

Lázně Hotel Vráž s.r.o.

Vráž 1, Borečnice, 39832, Czech Republic
Czech Spa Hotel Lázně Hotel Vráž s.r.o. Located 10 km from the royal city Písek, the Lázně Ho More info
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