Lázně Bohdaneč

Lázně Bohdaneč

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The Bohdaneč Spa resort is situated in the Labe River Lowlands 8 km away from Pardubice, to which a public trolleybus transport is connected. If you are looking for a place to take a physical and mental rest, this small and peaceful town surrounded by woods and ponds is a perfect location for your stay. The history of the spa began in 1897 when a native, Jan Veselý, came up with the idea to utilize the local rich peat deposits for curative purposes. He opened the first peat spa in the premises of a former distillery. Today, after more than 100 years of development, Bohdaneč is a famous spa with roofed colonnades and spa buildings placed in a beautiful forest park. Moreover, the spa is also a place for holiday, comfortable rest and rejuvenation. More than 8 000 spa guests come to visit each year.

Hotel Veselý

Masarykovo nám. 6 Lázně Bohdaneč 533 41 Czech Republic
Czech Spa Hotel Veselý Lázně Bohdaneč pavilion is an entrance building in the complex, which is More info
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