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The Spa premises in Klimkovice are located in the woody countryside at the foothills of the Nízký Jeseník Mountains in beautiful natural scenery with a view of the Beskydy Mountains. Klimkovice Spa is located 10 km from the regional city of Ostrava and 3 km from the city center Klimkovice.  Klimkovice Spa is located in a wooded landscape at the foot of the Low Jesenik in beautiful scenery with views of the Beskydy Mountains. Spa guests come here mainly to enjoy the curative baths in the local iodine-bromine water, so called “brine”, which has general healing effects on the human body. It helps in the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases, neurological and gynaecological diseases. It is also beneficial for the vascular system.

It is much sought after by spa guests mainly for its curative baths in the local iodo-bromide water, which has strong curative effects. It is a cold, hypertonic natural, strongly mineralised sodium chloride iodo-bromide mineral water with a high level of calcium, magnesium and barium ions. The Sanatoria Klimkovice provides comprehensive services for adult patients as well as for children and specialises in the treatment of diseases of the motor system, neurological ailments, and gynaecological and skin diseases, including the circulatory system.

The variety of baths, massages, packs, complete rehabilitation and other spa services is supplemented with social activities in the superb spaces inside the sanatoria, ideal for holding cultural and commercial events. The public places inside the sanatoria complex include the colonnade with a summer terrace, a restaurant, a bar, coffee and tea rooms, the post office, a sanitary aids shop, a hair stylist’s, a pedicure, manicure and cosmetic studio and a variety of shops. Guest may also rent bicycles, use the sauna and the swimming pool, play table tennis and billiards, or go for horse rides, etc. The entire compound, including the entrances to the curative facilities, is adjusted for wheelchairs.

Services: reception with non-stop operation and sale procedures, souvenirs and other goods, boxes sitting with visits, telephone, library, clubhouse and a new ATM machine, hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, bakery, spacious meeting hall

Country Klimkovice - Czech Republic
Area 14 Km2
Languages spoken German, English, Russian,
Currency all
Visa requirements A visa for a stay of up to 90 and over 90 days - contact us

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Complex Klimkovice Spa care is proposed by the practitioner on the recommendation of a specialist. A proposal for a revision is examined by the revision physician from the health insurance company, who decides on whether the client has the Spa paid for from public health insurance claim according to medical indication. The client then comes to the Spa within three months after the approval. After certain procedures, such as the operational replacement of large joints, Klimkovice sanatoria organise a direct transport from a hospital bed, because this can speed up the rehabilitation. Health insurance may also reimburse the treatment only in the framework of contributory welfare, in which case the client will pay the accommodation and dining. A General Practitioner or a specialist can also propose ambulant rehabilitation at the Spa, which doesn´t have to be approved by the revision. The Klimkovice spa also offers package holidays for self-payers, in which the doctor prepares hospital rehabilitation program after agreement with the client according to his current state of health. You can also choose from a wide offer of stays compiled specifically for the elderly, managers, women or for people with sedentary jobs. A specialty of Sanatoria Klimkovice are programmes focused on specific diagnosis. Three to seven-day treatment-preventive stay fixes obesity, hypertension, back pain or hip and knee joints, and also diabetes. Longer treatment-rehabilitation programmes address the states before and after the operation of the hip or knee joint, multiple sclerosis, disability after vascular brain episodes of illness of the spine, Rheumatoid disease, Parkinson’s disease, and female functional sterility. Stays in the Spa A stay at the Spa is an excellent solution for those who have a problem with the motor apparatus, are physically or psychologically overloaded or need to improve their condition and increase immunity. For the local people in particular, but also other visitors Klimkovice spa offers its over-thecounter treatments such as swimming in the pool, different types of massages and baths, and exercises, which they can enjoy as an afternoon or weekend relaxation. Spa complex in Klimkovice is unique in its architectural solution, because clients will find everything they need for treatment, rest and entertainment under one roof. Sanatorium in 2012 ended the complete reconstruction of all the single and double rooms in the spa house A, where also apartments for demanding guests are located. There are several canteens available for clients, but along with visitors they may also use the restaurant Garden offering a superb cuisine with the use of always fresh and high-quality ingredients. The restaurant organises regular gastronomic events such as pig slaughter, St.Martin‘s goose, fish feast, and lots more, to which the people of the entire region flock. In the area of the Spa there is also a Café, which besides other things offers cakes from their own production and a Patisserie with a range of milkshakes and classic ice cream in the summer. In the warmer months the Patisserie opens an outdoor terrace with a beautiful view of the panorama of Beskydy. Children›s amusement is taken care of in the open yet internally contained children›s corner. The only smoking area in Sanatoria Klimkovice is the Cinema bar with a full menu of hot and cold drinks and with a summer terrace, where grilled specialities are prepared if the weather permits it. A meeting place for clients and visitors of the spa is the colonnade, where concerts are held regularly, and also exhibitions of works of known artists and other social events. Klimkovice also possesses two large social halls, in which a cultural programme is regularly organised, not only for the clients of the spa. In the summer there are tennis courts, minigolf, and rent bicycles.


KLIMKOVICE SPA - INDICATION Diseases of the nervous Facial palsy, postpoliomyelitický syndrome, flaccid paralysis among posttraumatic including poinfekční polyradikuloneuritis following completion of the acute phase. Polyneuropathy with paretic symptoms. Root syndromes with irritation syndrome. Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (conditions after meningoencephalitis, encephalitis, myelitis and encephalomyelitis, post encefalomyelopolyradikuloneuritis). Hemiparesis and paraparesis of vascular origin with signs of recovering function. Conditions after injuries and operations of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves with movement disorders with signs of recovering function. Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating disease in remission. Neuromuscular diseases primary, secondary and degenerative. Syringomyelia with paretic symptoms. Cerebral palsy at the possibility to walk independently without significant psychological changes, providing the ability to work or self-sufficiency. Parkinson's disease (not parkinsonian syndrome and secondary extrapyramidal syndrome during treatment with psychotropic drugs). SPA Klimkovice diseases of the musculoskeletal system Rheumatoid arthritis Wed I. - IV. stage, including juvenile arthritis, systematic treatment in outpatient care. Bechterew's disease. Other seronegative spondartritis consistently treated in outpatient care. Extra-articular rheumatism, consistently treated in outpatient care. Osteoporosis complications if continuous outpatient rehab. care longer than three months is not effective. Painful syndromes tendons, tendon sheaths, exchanges, insertions of muscles, skeletal muscles or joints. Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis in continuous ambulatory care, orthopedic and rehabilitation specialists. Vertebral algic syndrome of functional origin. Conditions after orthopedic surgery with joint replacement. States after injuries to the musculoskeletal system and orthopedic conditions including postoperative intervertebral discs and spinal canal stenosis. Gynecological Diseases Primary sterility and infertility (3 or more spontaneous abortions), secondary infertility on the basis of the inflammatory and functional, Abortus habitualis. Recurrent inflammatory disease of the inner genitals and their consequences (adnexitis Chronic, Chronic metritis, adhesiones pelvis minoris, occlusio tubarum, kolpitis chronica) Conditions after complicated gynecological surgery and after surgery in the pelvis. Diseases of the circulatory system Symptomatic coronary artery disease. Hypertensive disease II. to III. degree. Limb arterial disease on the basis of atherosclerotic IIb or inflammatory. Functional disorders of the peripheral vascular and conditions after thrombosis, the earliest three months after the acute stage, chronic lymphatic edema. States after reconstruction and revascularization operations vasculature outside the heart; states after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. Diseases of metabolic disorders Diabetes mellitus Part of Sanatoria Klimkovice is a children’s hospital, the only one in the Czech Republic which uses iodine bromide water for treatment of children with mobility impairments, neurological or gynaecological illnesses. In addition to the application of these effective medicinal resources Spa focuses on individual physical education, during which physiotherapists use various rehabilitative methods with regard to the status and needs of the children. The children’s hospital has a swimming pool, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, ergotherapy, a gym, where the child patients participate in group exercise. During the season they have the option to take hipotherapy. During a stay in the sanatoria children attend school, which is part of the complex, and is completely accessible to disabled people as well as other parts of the children’s hospital. After returning home the students do not need to catch up on what their classmates have learned, because at the Spa teachers adapt their teaching according to their capabilities. The school also has a computer classroom with connections to the internet; logopaedic counseling and kindergarten are also available. Since 2012, the first in the Czech Republic, Klimkovice introduced a unique rehabilitation method for children ranging from one to 17 years old, during which the child practises with a physiotherapist for several hours a day in a special suit. It is a system of supporting elements, which are interlinked by elastic belts, where the suit, with great precision, corrects the movements and posture of the patient. The system has developed in Russia during the space programme for the purposes of rehabilitation and it was perfected at the American Rehabilitation Clinic in Michigan with the use of neurogenesis. The rehabilitative method must be edited completely individually for each client, but it brings results, even in cases where everything else has failed. It is effective on the damaged central nervous system, for example for people with developmental disorders, leading to the motor disability of patients with brain damage after an inflammatory disease, craniocerebral injury or after a brain stroke. It is also applicable with the sick with hyperkinesis, which is the increased involuntary mobility of muscles, and in particular with patients with children’s cerebral palsy. The method leads to improvements in motor functions and the trained abilities endure after the end of rehabilitation. The Spa also provides special orthopaedic programmes for children with scoliosis and increased osteoporosis.There is a gynecological programme for girls, too, which serves as a prevention of abdominal adhesions, which may impede pregnancy in adulthood.

Culture and history

In Klimkovice, history goes hand in hand with the present, which is evident mostly in the architecture. The name of the city probably derives from the founder of the original settlements with the fortress of Klement, called Klimek. In the 14th century the city fortress was promoted by Beneš from Kravaře, who also granted city rights and city arms to Klimkovice. In the 15th century it was dominated temporarily by the Dukes of Opava and from 1451 the knight kin from Bítov. At the end of the 16th century knight king Bzenec left a mark on the city‘s history. It was Ondřej Bzenec who built a castle and a church in the years 1578-79. From the year 1600 the city was ruled by Vlčkové (later Wilczkové). Count Jindřich William Wilczek reached one of the largest distinctions and political ranks at the Court of Vienna. In the 19th century the city was struck by two devastating fires which destroyed much of the centre of the town, including the Church of St. Catherine. During the German occupation from the autumn of 1938 the city was called Königsberg, and despite being of Czech origin, it was incorporated into the German Empire. During the liberation by the Soviet army and the First Czechoslovak Tank Brigade in April and May 1945 part of the town was razed and the castle struck by fire. Out of 578 houses only 43 remained undamaged. Klimkovice, which lies in the District of Ostrava, since 1997 by statute has been designated a Spa town. The town wants to associate its modern history with the development of the spa industry. Klimkovice spans over 1 423 hectares, including the parts Josefovice, Hýlov, Václavovice and Mexiko. The city also includes a tunnel, located directly on the motorway D1, which was put into service in 2008. It is the only tunnel on the highway section leading through the Moravian-Silesian region and the second longest on the Czech motorway network. It is intended primarily to reduce the impact of traffic on the environment. The tunnel consists of two tubes which are 1076 and 1097 metres long. Construction of the highway meant a significant shift in the development of Klimkovice, with the city now easily accessible from all directions. Moreover, Klimkovice took advantage of the completion of the highway and the sliproads at both ends of the town and as the first in the Czech Republic declared the centre a low emission zone, to prevent the transit of trucks and passenger vehicles with high emissions. It will be valid from the year 2014. By doing this the spa town hopes to maintain its pure air, comparable with the air in the nearby Beskydy. Klimkovice was previously connected with Ostrava by railway track and there was also a tramway track between the cities. Currently you can use the regular bus lines number 53 and 64. There is no large industry in the town, local people work mainly in services and manufacturing, also agriculture. The largest employer in the territory of Klimkovice is the spa with 300 workers. The rest of the town‘s residents commute to work, in particular to Ostrava and the surrounding cities, and return to Klimkovice for a pleasant, peaceful dwelling. Klimkovice boasts a rich cultural and social life. There is a branch of the Museum of Novojičínsko in the castle, where permanent exhibitions are held of the history of the town and the life of writer Helena Salichov, who spent a certain period of her life in Klimkovice. In the premises of the castle there is also a cultural and information centre, which is open daily from Monday to Saturday and provides information about events in the city and in the surrounding area, the possibilities of accommodation and dining, and the sights and attractions of the region. The town´s public library has existed since 1920. It took up the activities of the Klimkovicke Readers Association, which had organized the lending of books among the local inhabitants since the start of the 19th century. The traditional meeting place of the citizens of Klimkovice are the Petr Bezruč Park, wide-angle cinema Panorama, the square, where regular markets and fairs take place and the premises of the former swimming pool. Although the baths have so far failed to be restored, the area is used for firemen races or the raising of the maypole.

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